Transform Your Medical Insights into a Valuable Commodity

Build your very own health Al Algorithms on a secure, global blockchain.

How does NeuronMD work?

We allow individual physicians to translate their medical insights into valuable products delivered globally.

Easy Setup

Upload your dataset of medical images onto our proprietary blockchain designed with security and accessibility in mind.

Total Control

Help patients worldwide while bringing in revenue or sell it outright. Once you train your personalized AI algorithm, the choice is all yours.

On-Chain Tech

Each AI algorithm is minted as an NFT Deed on our blockchain platform designed for medical applications. And no one owns it but you.

Mint your AI algorithm in 3 easy steps


Upload your medical images onto our algorithm creation portal and create the two labels that the classifier will use to define and label the patient-uploaded images.


Run the training and watch in real time as your algorithm comes to life. See the statistics of the training when its finished, retrain and/or make adjustments to the image sets as you see fit. 


Take your newly minted AI Algorithm deed and list it on our AI Hub for patients to pay per use instantly. Or list for sale on our global, physician-only accessible marketplace for purchase.

We are ikioo Technologies, Inc.

The ikioo Provider Portal at is where health providers and advocates come together on one digitally innovative, globally accessible, connected care platform. All algorithms minted on NeuronMD can be accessed and utilized by the provider automatically on the ikioo Portal and used by people across the globe using the patient-facing ikioo app for iOS and Android.

Where AI meets Blockchain

The Neuron is the utility coin of the ikioo AI Hub. It represents real estate or AI compute credits on our ikioo blockchain platform. Only healthcare providers can own Neurons.

Each single AI algorithm on the platform will require 100,000 Neurons to be present in the provider’s crypto-wallet to initiate online development and deployment. Monthly maintenance fees average 10,000 Neurons / month.

Providers can accrue free Neurons through different activities on the ikioo Provider Platform. Only ikioo healthcare professional providers will be allowed to freely transact (buy/sell/lease) Neurons based on the publicly traded free market value. Non-professional users will not be allowed to own Neurons or use Neuron transactions.

AI Algorithms as NFTs

Every algorithm minted on NeuronMD is created as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on our secure blockchain. This gives the owner (the physician) complete control over the access and ownership of the algorithm they create.

Algorithms as NFTs allows the physician to determine the price of use of their algorithm and detailed running statistics if they list it for use on the ikioo AI Hub. Also, the buying and transferring of the AI Algorithm deeds between physicians is quick, easy and secure thanks to our proprietary ikioo blockchain technology.

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